Stoplight Charts – Performance Management and Project Management Views At-a-Glance

Most of you are probably familiar with how ActiveStrategy Enterprise can help you easily build and view scorecards and dashboards with high-level performance metrics and linked initiatives.  But did you know that the software can also display information in highly visual grid views called Stoplight Charts? If not, read on. I’ll give you some tips on creating Stoplight Charts and some ideas on when to use them.

Browse for an existing stoplight chart series

Any user can create a Stoplight Chart. The first step is to select a ‘series’  for the Stoplight Chart. A series is really just a collection — what will become the Stoplight Chart’s row or column headers. There are two different types of series that users can choose from. One type is a ‘public’ series  (these need to be defined by an ASE Administrator).  If there isn’t a public series that fits the bill, a user can create his/her own ‘private’ series.  If you’ve already created the series, you can browse to find it. To create a new one, click ‘Add’ on the Row or Column selection row.  A series can be any collection a user can imagine, from perspectives (to display the alignment of measures to scorecard perspectives, for example), to geographic regions, product lines, functional operations, or strategic initiatives within your organization.

After defining the rows and columns, simply drag and drop measures (or initiatives) into the chart as you’d like them to appear.  You can now view the performance of measures or initiatives within a single page, and — as is the case elsewhere in ASE –  the data is interactive (you can click to drill into any  measure or initiative) and all of the data is real-time (each time you navigate to the Stoplight Chart, ASE will automatically display the latest updates of any measures or initiatives).

Example Stoplight Chart
(click to enlarge)

Stoplight Charts display the most recent performance for each measure, and by hovering over a cell, users may view the Name, Description, Owners, Target and Variance for any given period.  And, don’t forget, you can also view the detail page of the measure or initiative simply  by clicking (or by CTRL-clicking to launch the detail in another window so your chart is still in front of you).

To gain more insight into the measure or set of measures, select any row or column header. This will pivot the stoplight chart to display the last six periods of data for the selected row or column of performance measures (or strategic initiatives).

Measure Performance over time (6 months)

(click to enlarge)

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